Clever Ways To Use Beer In Your Garden

Beer Bottles

1. DIY Slug and Snail Trap
If slugs are gnawing at your plants, put a small amount of beer in a shallow dish. A butter dish works great for this. Set the dish in amongst your plants and the beer will do the rest. It attracts the slugs and snails and they will drown in the liquid.

2. Enrich your compost pile.
If you have unfinished or aged beer, you can also pour it directly into your compost pile. The various natural ingredients in beer such as hops and barley are a wonderful addition to your compost and will help enrich it.

3. Feed your plants.
Mix a bottle or can of beer with a little corn syrup (about one tablespoon will do) and feed it to your plants. Pour it directly at the base of the plant so the roots can soak it up and enjoy. They are quite attracted to the yeast in beer, and will love you for this.

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