Tiffany’s Table Manners

Tiffany's Table Manners

Manner 1 : Always be on time. Lateness is very rude, and you are the guest. It is very impolite to the host or hostess.

Manner 2 : It is always nice to bring your host some sort of ‘Thank You For Inviting Me’ Gift (That’s why you see a lot of adults bringing wine to other houses). Wine, chocolate, cake, cookies – those are the basic, good gifts.

Manner 3: Being a lady, a real gentleman will open the door for you and seat you down. Your part is to say ‘Thank You’ and smile.

Manner 4 : There is a reason why you were invited to dinner, to the host you are interesting. Therefore you are basically the entertainment. Translation – pay attention to the host, no texting or speaking on the cell phone. If you must, excuse yourself or do it in the bathroom. It is so rude to ignore a person, especially a host.

Manner 5 : If  you were invited to dinner and are sure that the host is paying, it is polite to buy a meal that is equal cost or lower than what your host is getting. And make sure that you (or somebody) leaves the appropriate amount of a tip. It’s very rude and unfair to the server. Even if it’s annoying 15% tip and you wont seem like a bitch.

Manner 6 : It is considered good manners to wait until you have finished chewing and have swallowed your food before taking a sip. And don’t forget to put your utensils down as well.

Manner 7 :  After a formal meal, the correct way to place your utensils is on the right side of the plate. The utensils should be on the plate, forming the word “OWL” (spoon, fork, knife), at the four o’clock position.

Manner 8 :  If you are not done with your meal, but you need to set your utensils down, place the fork and knife parallel to each other (in the four and ten o’clock position). Top waiters should understand what that means.

Manner 9 :  When eating meat, you should cut one piece with the knife, then set your knife down and eat that piece. It’s always one at a time – pace yourself.

Manner 10 : A lot of utensils on the table and confused?  Always start from the outside in.

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