DIY Curtain Headboards

Designing a simple fabric headboard for your bed is one of the very simple tasks that will make your bedroom look very attractive. There are various styles of curtains that you can use to make the headboard look attractive, unique and modern. Listed below are some of the beautiful ideas that can be implemented in your home with much ease.

partitioned curtains

This is a beautiful headboard with lovely color combination and the curtain has ruffles that are designed at the top border with floral prints in it that makes it look even more attractive.

beautiful ruffle border

This is a simple white fabric where the curtain is designed with two rods extending to the ceiling and is designed forward on top of the headboard where it looks like a canopy. Additionally the golden-framed mirror looks very traditional and elegant.

curtain canopy

This is another lovely curtain design with two color combinations that makes this headboard look majestic. The stylish designer rod with curtain draped in two different styles makes it look good.

curtain scallop

This is a very usual curtain style with a rod and curtain rings but what makes this look special and different is the kind of curtain used to decorate the headboard. The wordings on the curtain look more like a page from a book and you can choose one that will depict your style, and attitude.

curtain wordings

This is a metal and fabric combined headboard where the metal rod is designed with simple drapes and the center area is decorated with metal design that makes the headboard look simple and beautiful.

fabric drapes

This is my favorite piece of curtain headboard design where the flimsy lace curtain with lovely floral work looks very stylish and the creamy white is one of the perfect choices of lacey material that one can choose from. This kind of headboard will make the room look very romantic and modern. The matching bedspread with colorful cushion covers adds beauty and elegance to the room, as the colors look more bright and attractive in a white backdrop.

lacey headboard

This is a simple white tapestry with pink floral prints on it and this will look very modest and will blend with any kind of room either small or big.

tapestry headboard

This curtain is also a very simple material with just a plain curtain that is draped behind the bed and the tree image that is printed on it makes it look unique for a headboard selection.

tree printed curtain

You can also make use of curtain with ruffles to add charm and beauty to the room, and this will especially suit girls’ bedroom to make it look girlish.


white ruffles


Curtain Headboard with lights :

Hang a curtain rod draped with sheer curtains (or fabric) at headboard height, behind the bed, then add some white holiday lights behind the fabric and across the rod, this adds a soft, relaxing, romantic feel to any bedroom.
Curtain Headboard with lightsCurtain with lightscurtains with led lights as headboard

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