How to insulate your windows in Michigan

window insulate

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Don’t like the winter chill sneaking into your bedroom in the dead of night? Who does? Just because we live in Michigan doesn’t mean we have to tolerate it. There are plenty of options for staying warm in your own home this holiday season. The cheapest and easiest of these is a very simple solution indeed: disposable window insulators.

Available at any local hardware or home goods store, these simple adhesive sheets are placed along the frame of the window and made drum tight with the aid of a blow drier. Once adhered and firmly fastened, the window insulator creates an air tight barrier that will endure that none of your home’s heat escapes and, perhaps more importantly, that none of the bone chilling winter wind sneaks in through imperceptible little gaps in your windows.

A perfect way to ensure a comfortable and affordable winter for you and your family, disposable window insulators are an ideal solution for staving off the bitter cold this winter. Don’t sweat it, just stop by on your way home from work and pick a few up.

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