How to replace a window screen frame

how to replace a window screen frame

How to replace a window screen frame

  • Window Screen Supplies

For this project you will need a role of screen mesh material, screen spline, a spline roller, a screwdriver, a measuring tape, and a utility knife.

  • Examine Screen Frame

After removing the screen from the window, examine the frame of the window screen to make sure it is still square. If the frame is in good condition, use your screwdriver to lift up the old screen spline, and then slowly peel the spline out of the screen on all four sides of the frame.

Remove the old piece of screen mesh.

  • Cut New Screen Mesh

Lay the new piece of screen mesh over the frame so that the grid is square with the edges of the frame. Using a utility knife, cut a piece of new screen mesh that is approximately 3-inches in diameter larger than the window screen frame size.

  • Push Screen Spline into Channel

Using a new piece of screen spline and a spline roller, lay the screen spline over the screen mesh and squeeze one end of the screen spline into the spline channel in the corner of the frame. Slowly push the screen spline into the remaining length of the channel with your spline roller to lock the screen mesh in place.

Continue this process in a circular pattern to tighten the remaining screen mesh.

  • Trim Excess Screen

Trim any excess screen spline with a utility knife, and then carefully trim the excess screen mesh material on the outside of the frame.

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