Patron Tequila Tiki Torch

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Patron Tequila Tiki Torch

There are many on the market- Ours are quality.

We are not trying to just milk you for a dollar. These are made with longevity in mind and your satisfaction. Anyone can have a wine bottle.

These are all handcrafted bottles of which no two are exactly alike. Made of recycled glass, it gives your home a individual feel and you will get so many compliments from friends and family.

Use for gifts, parties, weddings, and birthdays.
Everyone will enjoy the individuality and the bottle is INCLUDED.

All Copper pieces except rod and nuts which are painted copper color to match or are Brass. The handcrafted wick holder fits snugly in place. We did not cut any corners and you can compare them to any on the market.

Includes the following:
Mounting kit in Copper / Brass
Brass screws

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