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Royal Extreme Clean Metro Detroit  

With the dry autumn air becoming even dryer winter air, just breathing and existing are proving increasingly unpleasant. From basic cracked and itchy skin to flus and respiratory infections, there is no shortage of reasons why you should value the quality of the air in your own home. Metro Detroit’s own Royal Extreme Clean is committed to providing each and every customer with a clean, safe and healthy home.


Most homeowners simply have no idea how much dust, allergens, mold spores, hair, pet dander and construction debris are caked onto the interior surfaces of their home’s vents, ducts and chimneys. And this is by no fault of their own, because these areas are indeed quite difficult to access, in fact almost impossible. That is, impossible without the tried and true expertise and equipment of Metro Detroit’s leading professionals, Royal Extreme Clean.


Though the health of your family is obviously a primary concern, safety and energy efficiency are also beneficial results produced by a Royal Extreme Clean duct, chimney or furnace cleaning. Beyond air quality, there are inherent risks associated with dirty or clogged chimneys and vents, often including the danger of fire. Fortunately, these risks can be easily prevented with simple maintenance. Similarly, there is no contest between the function of a freshly inspected and cleaned furnace and one that has been left to accumulate debris year after year. Your family will notice the difference and thank you for calling Royal Extreme Clean, the best in Metro Detroit.

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