Where to Hang Your Stockings without a Mantle

Christmas is rapidly approaching, and the few short weeks before it arrives might be just enough to get all of your shopping done. So, you don’t really have time to be concerning yourself with anything else that might fall into the category of secondary or marginal. For instance, where in the new apartment are we going to hang our stockings without a fireplace or mantle? This may not be a concern for you, in which case you know exactly where to put them. But if it is, don’t get yourself in huff about it, just take a deep breath and read on.

There are literally dozens of alternative places that you can very successfully hang your stockings, and you might just find that even with a mantle to hang the on, you may want to mix it up this holiday season and try something new and exciting. A few very viable locales in your home for stocking hanging that might not have occurred to you are the head or footboards of wooden bed frames, the edges of shelves on your most majestic bookshelf, the latches of your family room windows, or, granted you have one, the exposed railings of your staircase. Demonstrating further inventiveness, you can hang homemade or store-bought items on which you can then hang your loved ones’ stockings, such as hat racks, picture frames and all other sorts of artistic wall-mountable pieces. Your options are almost limitless, so don’t think that the fireplace is the only spot that Santa will find your stockings this Christmas. Just think outside the box and make this holiday your very own.

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